Hello, my name is Jason Martin.  I have two passions, people and photos. For over ten years, my team and I have had a camera in our hands creating images and video of people at some of the happiest events of their lives.  This includes weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, gender reveals, engagement announcements and other special events.  Our experience and ability to create beautiful images in any situation is the reason our clients keep coming back. 


We offer photography, video, photo booth and a variety of other video production and photography services serving Woodbridge, NJ, and surrounding areas in New Jersey, to make sure your big day is special and never forgotten.


Our entire video and photography team has one goal, to capture your special day just the way you envision it. We also cover your special event in a way that doesn’t distract people from the most important part of the event – You!  The most popular feedback we receive is that we are easy to work with and our clients love our work.


We offer picture and video services from our main office in Woodbridge, NJ and also service clients in New York and Pennsylvania. We’d love to schedule a phone or video conference with you to discuss your needs!



Who We Are and What We Have In Store For You


Weddings days are among the most special days for brides, grooms, their families, and friends. Capturing all the memorable moments requires the involvement of an experienced photographer who knows the intricacies of a wedding day and how to deal with any problem that may arise.

For a long time, novice photographers have devalued the services of professional photographers by biting more than they can chew. Instead of taking the time to learn the trade and polish their skills, the beginners confidently charge premium prices for poor quality and customer service. As a result, they end up delivering poor quality photos and spoiling the memories for everyone. Sadly, the special day is a one-time affair, which means that the affected couple cannot just repeat it to correct the mistakes.

To avoid finding yourself in such a situation, you should do due diligence before hiring a photographer to capture the romantic moments of your ceremony. Asking the photographer for insurance cover over their services also helps you weed out jokers from the real players who can deliver what they promise.


NJ’s Most Reliable Photographer | Bride & Groom | Event Videography


At J Martin Weddings, we have been in the business of capturing unforgettable romantic moments in photography for over a decade. Through the many years of wedding coverage, we have diversified our skills to cover still photos and video footage.
We provide top-notch photographers who know how important it is to capture moments as they happen. They all know that there are no second chances once a moment has passed.

We have learnt the importance of prioritizing the customer’s needs in order to deliver exceptional quality that surpasses the client’s expectations. Before undertaking any job, we ensure that we engage the client and let them know what to expect in terms of the crew involved and the time it will take to process the video production and photos.
Proper planning is the secret to capturing amazing photos on the go and that is our specialty. As such, our skilled logistics team visits the venue ahead of the D-day to scout the ground and comes up with the necessary strategies that will help us deliver quality services without interfering with your special day.
Our video coverage services are widely known as the best in the Jersey region evidenced by the number of referral clients we get. We aim to always improve our services by keeping up to date with the latest trends in photo and video coverage. Moreover, we keep upgrading our cameras and videography equipment to the latest gadgets to ensure that we deliver quality and romantic videos and pictures every time we are commissioned to capture the moments.


Our Services


Wedding & Engagement Photography


We provide both engagement and bridal photography services to help you capture your intimate moments as a couple. The engagement photo session that happens prior to the actual wedding helps us connect with the couple and get to know them better in a casual environment away from the eyes of the crowd. By the time we get to the special day, the already established chemistry between our photographer and the couple works to make it easy for our crew to capture the perfect angles and moods.

The many years of experience in bridal photography have also equipped us with the necessary skills to capture both close up and wide-angled photos. Our experienced team has great adaptability and skills that help them switch between indoor and outdoor environments, thus ensuring that no moment goes without being put into record.


Events and Party’s Photography


We provide event and party photography for office parties, birthday parties, or any event that brings a large number of people together to celebrate. We begin right at the start of the occasion and cover all exciting events that should not go unrecorded. Such events include prize awards, gifts presentation, and many others.

Our services are flexible and capable of producing top quality photos and video footage in both well-lit outdoor and indoor environments during the day as well as during low-lit nights.

Our team knows how to traverse the event ground with stealth, thus ensuring that the attention of the guests does not shift from the person addressing people at the event to the photographer or videographer.


Family and Portrait


Our family and portrait photography services are geared towards capturing you and your loved ones in the best natural poses. The photos we take of your family give you something you can use to remember significant days such as the first day at school, birthdays, and many other life milestones.

During a family photo session, we ensure that everyone in the family eases up to the camera and strikes the best poses to bring out their true self.

Furthermore, our team knows how to befriend kids in order to bring out their best smiles naturally. This enables them to get the best portrait of your kids when they are still young.




The highlight of a wedding after the bride and groom is the bridal party. Our bridal photography services capture the elegant team of the bridal party away from the crowd.
We ensure that the elegant bridal party attire that signifies the remarkable event is etched in the memory of all the individuals involved in the groom and bride’s bridal parties.
We also take separate photos of the newly weds together with the best couple to help them remember the special day. Furthermore, our services cover a private session with the couple together and separate sessions for the bride and groom. The all-inclusive coverage ensure that everyone close to the bride and groom also gets special attention.


Sweet 16 & Bar Mitzvah


We understand the significance of capturing perfect memories for sweet 16 and bar Mitzvah celebrations to the persons involved. When these transitional events are captured on portraits or photos, they make nice memories for the parents to mark when their child begins growing into adulthood.

For the child involved, the sweet 16 or bar mitzvah celebration is the formal mark that they are leaving childish ways and a professional photo session serves a wonderful reminder for that. Our sweet 16 and bar mitzvah photography services capture the elegance of the subject in portraits that bring out the adult hidden behind a cute child’s face.


Maternity and Newborn Photography


Being tasked with the responsibility of bringing new life into the world is a joy for most parents. The hectic schedules between pregnancy, childbirth, and the initial stages of the infant’s growth, however, could make the parents lose track of time and before they know it, the child is already in the school going age.

Maternity and newborn photography services offered at J Martin take care of capturing the wonderful moments before your child is born and the fast-paced months that follow delivery.

We use props and additional lighting to bring out the best in both the parents and the infant, thus making sure you have something to remember the wonderful days of the new life thereafter.

Maternity Photoshoot NJ

Wedding Videography


Videos allow the couple, their close friends, and family to relive the day every time they watch the video.
The experienced videographers at J Martin employ the best skills in coming up with comprehensive video coverage of the special day that spans from preparation, the wedding ceremony, vows exchange, and the celebrations that follow.
We also edit the video to give you a seamless representation of the full wedding day within a compact video lasting just a few hours long.
By engaging us to do video coverage for your special day, you are guaranteed superior services that will leave you with a way to bring back the day to life many times after the actual ceremony.


Reportage Photography


We offer reportage photography services to help you tell a story through a series of photos. With our services, the popular adage that a photo is worth a thousand words is actualized.

Our photographers know how to capture the moment as it happens and anticipate the next series of actions that follow. By doing this, the series of photos tells the story effortlessly.

We are equipped to cover reportage photography at both planned events and spontaneous events. Reach out to us whenever you feel you have a story that needs to be told with the help of still photos and we promise to deliver excellence.


Contemporary Photography


Our services extend to cover contemporary photography, which allows you to experience photography like it was done in the early days. We develop portraits and still images using methods like light sensitive film and layered color filters.

If you have the taste for antique photographs, you are invited to sample our services that result in authentic photos made to last the test of time. Simply guide us on what piece of art you are interested in and let our experienced team of photographers recreate the photograph for you using contemporary photo creation methods.


Traditional Photography


J Martin also caters for photo lovers who prefer the old style of dressing up, going to a studio, and posing for a photo. We incorporate the traditional photography style with the other methods for a more diversified capturing of the memorable moments.

We also provide the client with flexibility of choosing to add props to their photo session or approach the session in their natural form.

Our photographers know how to bring out the best looks in people and the many years of experience have enabled them know which poses work best in almost all situations.


Our Specialties 


Destination Weddings

J Martin Weddings has been in the business of capturing the memories in all types of weddings for more than a decade. We cover Destination Weddings happening in exotic locations away from home. Our experienced team can adapt to completely foreign grounds and still deliver top quality photographs. Our highly advanced equipment also allows us to document weddings that are happening in enclosed locations as well as those occurring on open grounds. As such, no matter what kind of environment you have planned at your venue, our handy camera workers can capture the events with unmatched professionalism.


Sikh and South Indian Weddings


We are in no way bounded by culture. Our years of service have enabled us to widen our skills to cover more than just white weddings. We also cover Sikh and South Indian Weddings that have varied procedures and norms. Our diverse team comprises skilled camera operators who understand the norms and procedures followed during Sikh weddings, thus implying that they never miss a moment that is significant during the wedding. They also know the best angles to capture the large crowds involved and have strategies to ensure that all significant procedures in the daylong event feature in the captured photos.

South Indian Weddings that involve special early morning prerequisite procedures are another of our specialties. We ensure that we dispatch different teams of cameramen to cover the simultaneous events, and then compile the footage from the different teams to come up with one comprehensive collection of the day’s events. By doing this, we never miss any moment that needs to be put in record. We also plan and develop layout strategies that help us cover the weeklong Kannada Wedding Rituals and the shorter two-day long Telugu Wedding Rituals.

Indian Wedding Photography - Bride and Groom in NJ


Muslim and Christian


We have covered many Muslim Weddings as well as Christian Weddings and appreciate the different practices involved in the two religious weddings. Our photography and video coverage services make sure to focus on the vital parts of exchanging vows, which make the highlight of the entire event.

The Christian weddings that involve more moments that need to be highlighted such as gift sessions, family photo ups, and the like, are also one of our specialties. We deliver a lasting record of all memories to leave you satisfied and with the many photos that you can use to relive your special day.


African American


We have also captured many events in African American Weddings that involve all kinds of diverse cultures borrowed from the African cultures. Our team is aware of all the common practices such as “knocking the door” and “tasting the four elements” that are common in African American weddings. We ensure that we are present to capture each moment as it happens, thus allowing the couple and family members to relive the events afterwards. We also ensure that coverage does not stop once the wedding is done but continues to the post-wedding consecration activities like “jumping the broom”, “crossing the sticks”, and “the money spray.”


Punjabi Weddings


Punjabi Weddings that involve lots of pomp and color are also right in our alley of wedding coverage and photography services. We ensure never to miss the important Agwaani, Madhuperk, and Kanyadaan rituals on the special day, which are just as important as the grand Varmala ritual that signifies the new bond between the newlyweds. For an all-round wedding coverage, our team also sticks around for the post-wedding events that follow. For instance, we are sure to capture the event where the bride bids farewell to her family and goes to her new husband’s home for a grand reception.

Punjabi Wedding- NJ Photographer



We partner with couples who want to approach their special day with an out of the box romantic idea, which is not confined to the typical religious or cultural wedding concepts. Romantic weddings are much more memorable and hiring the experienced team at J Martin Weddings helps you capture the romantic moments in photos that will help you relive the experience for many years.


Areas We Serve


North New Jersey


If you are planning to have your wedding within New Jersey, our services that cover the Montclair, Middlesex, Newark, Jersey City, and Parsippany areas got you covered. Just visit our offices and explain to our customer care team the kind of wedding you would want to have. After providing the relevant information about the exact venue and the wedding day’s procedure, you will get a quote outlining what we can offer you as well as how much it will cost you.


Central New Jersey


Our photo service also covers the Central New Jersey region in the Trenton, New Brunswick, Edison, Princeton, and Woodbridge township. The central New Jersey locations allow us to serve a wide clientele and contain some of the well-known locations for planning a romantic wedding. Consider paying us a visit to get a quote about how much wedding video coverage and photography will cost you if you are planning to have a wedding in these locations. All we need from you is a date, venue, and the day’s schedule to issue you a comprehensive cost estimate.


South New Jersey


We also cover events in the South Jersey region happening in Atlantic City, Cherry Hill, Ocean City, and Mount Laurel Township. Just like the services in the other regions, we give our clients top-notch photo and video coverage services meant to record the events of their wedding. Let your special moment be covered by the best in the business and experience the thrill of your matrimony every time you go through the wedding photo album or play the wedding video recorded by our crew.